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This is me...

Oakhurst native, mother of six, Yosemite High School graduate, lover of all things nature, picture taking maniac since eight years old. I remember the day I became ridiculously excited about taking photographs. I was going through old black and white pictures that belonged to my Dad. I came across a picture that looked really familiar, the picture was of Devils Postpile National Monument near Mammoth Lakes. I can still recall how that thick papered black and white photo with it's curled edges felt in my hand. I can still remember how thrilled I was when I pulled out an almost identical color photo from under the plastic film of my old photo album. The album where my most coveted photos lived. I hurried to find my Dad to show him my discovery. I asked him about the black and white photo. "Who took this picture?" me practically yelling at him. He studied the picture for a few minutes, then told me he had taken the picture when he was a boy and his father had taken him to Devils Postpile. There in that moment I felt an incredibly strong sense of connection with him, knowing that we had both stood in nearly the exact same spot at almost the exact same age and took almost the exact same photo. This picture, this experience created a bond for me that will without a doubt last a lifetime. 

This is what I strive to help create for others. An experience that will form bonds and make memories to look back on, and feel a connection with the people in your life. I look forward to serving you and working with you to capture images of memories that will last you a lifetime.   


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